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tambour wall paneling

Top 5 Ways To Use Tambour Wall Paneling

 Tambour wall paneling consists of narrow strips of gorgeous bamboo mounted on a cloth backing. The materials produce a natural beauty that’s easy to appreciate. Tambour wall paneling is a favorite among businesses and homeowners alike. At amaZulu Inc., we offer four distinct shades. You can choose from tan, tan with dark burnt nodes, mocha, […]

Natural Opulence: Natural Beauty Meets Sophisticated Design

The design trend we’ve been watching (coined as “Natural Opulence”) is slowly creeping up in homes, businesses, and resorts all across the globe. Natural Opulence is perfect for those who have an eye for sophistication and an equally pervasive desire to capture the inherent beauty found in the natural environment. The trend is all about […]

custom outdoor bar

Enhance a Boring Backyard With a New Custom Outdoor Bar

It’s time you build a custom outdoor bar Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Michael & Sue, a couple with a beautiful home out in The Villages, FL. Michael and Sue had a great backyard patio, but only one thing seemed to be missing – a festive and functional custom outdoor bar area! […]

Natural Seagrass Mats

Product Spotlight: Natural Seagrass Mats

What are Natural Seagrass Mats Looking for a quick and simple way to add some summer into your home or office? Natural seagrass mats are so easy to install and instantly adds a warm, rustic vibe to any room or outdoor area. What exactly is this material? It’s all natural and sustainable, harvested from the […]

bamboo homes

The Bamboo Homes of Bali

Sensational and Beautiful Bamboo Homes of Bali Nestled in Bali, Indonesia is a community that exists to cultivate sustainability and natural building methods. Green Village consists of seven beautiful and 100% natural bamboo homes. It is also home to the Green School, a private institution for Indonesian and international students that promotes sustainable living and […]

Solid bamboo poles

Get Inspired: Using Solid Bamboo Poles to Decorate Your Home

Solid Bamboo Poles Bring your Home to Life Solid bamboo poles are such a beautiful and exotic material that has the ability to easily and quickly add a whole lot of life to your home! The great thing about solid bamboo poles is that it can either be used for extreme construction projects or simple […]

wood sealer

Add Years to Your Deck With Wood Sealer

Preserve and Protect Your Deck With Wood Sealer In warm, sunny states like Florida, a relaxing hardwood deck is a must-have for commercial buildings and residences alike. Hardwoods and other natural products can add a warm, friendly, and rustic vibe to any location. However in Florida, hardwood is often at the mercy of fluctuating weather […]

Using Alternative Materials for Playgrounds

Why untraditional playground materials make for great playgrounds It is every child’s dream to have their own playground, where they can explore and let their imaginations run wild.  Safety and maintenance, however, may be more at the forefront of mom and dad’s minds.  How can parents provide their children with an exciting play area while […]

outdoor tiki bar

Building an Outdoor Tiki Bar In Your Own Backyard

Are you the neighborhood’s residential mixologist? If you love to entertain and serve your friends’ creative cocktails, take it one step further and build an outdoor tiki bar in your backyard.  Some might call this an outdoor kitchen, but if you do it right, it’s more than a boring outdoor kitchen, it becomes your very […]