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custom outdoor bar

Enhance a Boring Backyard With a New Custom Outdoor Bar

It’s time you build a custom outdoor bar Recently, we had the chance to sit down with Michael & Sue, a couple with a beautiful home out in The Villages, FL. Michael and Sue had a great backyard patio, but only one thing seemed to be missing – a festive and functional custom outdoor bar area! […]

zoo construction

Incorporate Natural Building Materials Into Your Zoo Construction

Creating a natural environment during zoo construction and renovations Whether you are embarking on a new zoo construction project or renovating an existing zoo, no zoo is complete without some top-notch shade structures for both the animals and your visitors.  The use of natural building materials in your zoo construction or renovation will ensure a […]

artificial thatch roofing

The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Thatch Roofing

The Characteristics of Artificial Thatch Roofing Natural thatch roofing is beautiful, but it can be a lot of work to maintain. Don’t let the fear of constant upkeep and replacement keep you from installing your very own thatch roof covering on your next project!  Instead, we offer you an artificial thatch roofing.  Artificial thatch roofing has […]

bamboo and thatch

Bamboo & Thatch: Withstanding the Test of Time

Bamboo and Thatch: A Long-lasting Combo Here in the US, we love to use natural materials such as bamboo and thatch. We do so for both their beauty and their ability to add warmth to our environments. Whether you’re adding a simple, yet elegant bamboo wainscoting to your living room, or furnishing your pool with an […]

3 Ways to Boost Your Hotel Rating With Rustic Materials

How Rustic Materials Help Your Reviews Imagine yourself on a much-needed tropical vacation. You’re probably seeing the sun on your eyelids, sipping an ice-cold daiquiri, feeling the warm heat on your skin and listening to your favorite music. Now imagine your environment: palm trees, clear water, tiki bars and thatch umbrellas. Now that you have […]

FAQs About Thatch

5 Popular FAQs About Thatch: Understanding the Differences

Even though thatch is a beautiful and unique material for both residential and commercial roofs, sometimes it gets a bit of a bad rap. Well, at amaZulu, we love thatch and don’t want to see its name squandered all over the internet, so we decided to clear up some of those harsh myths floating around […]

thatched roofs

Benefits of Building with Thatched Roofs

Thatched roofs have been used for centuries in locations around the world.  Though not common in the United States, many buildings and homes in England and France still have thatched roofing! Beyond a pleasing aesthetic design, thatched roofs have a number of benefits. And they are not just reserved for old-world cottages. The Benefits of […]

artificial thatch roofing

Gazebo Thatch Roofing Is Becoming The Go-To Roofing Choice For Gazebos

Why Gazebo Thatch Roofing Is The Cool New Trend For Backyards When choosing tropical roofing products for your backyard gazebo, you should consider style as well as function. Gazebo thatch roofing provides a unique and exotic feel to gazebos and other shade structures. But, it also ensures that your outdoor area will remain much cooler […]

Thatched Roofing

A Look At The Surprising History of Thatched Roofing

Thatched roofing has a long history that began with temporary shelters for nomadic peoples. Between 5000 and 1800 B.C., the first hunter-gatherers colonized the areas between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and eventually settled there long-term. As they built structures to live in, thatched roofing was the covering of choice. This choice was due to […]

Thatched Roof Pavilions

Outdoor Living: Thatched Roof Pavilions

Several places where thatched-roof pavilions are readily incorporated are hotels, resorts, outdoor yoga pavilions, parks, and residential backyards. Skim through the pages of any home decorating or gardening magazine and you’re bound to find at least one thatched-roof pavilion in the mix. Why? Because each of these locations is designed for both recreation and relaxation and […]