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FAQs About Thatched Roof Materials

Interesting FAQs about Natural and Synthetic Thatched Roof Materials This article will provide you with answers to the top questions about thatched roof materials when talking with a client about adding natural or synthetic thatched roof materials to their home or business. What is palm thatch? Palm Thatch is created from tightly woven and intertwined […]

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Incorporating Thatch into Theme Parks and Resorts

How to Use Sturdy Thatch in Theme Parks and Resorts One of the most loved decorative materials used in theme parks and resorts is thatch. Whether it’s a thatch roof or thatch reed panels, this material creates a tropical feel and adds a shady place for visitors to cool off. What are some applications for […]

How Long Does a Thatch Roof Last

How Long Does a Thatch Roof Last?

A thatch roof has the distinct advantage of being both an insulated roof and a beautiful, athletically-pleasing ceiling. amaZulu, Inc. carries several kinds of thatched roof materials that are both decorative and utilitarian. Some of our thatch roofing panels can be used on top of existing roofs to achieve a certain look, and some are for […]

Thatched Roof Construction

Thatched Roof Construction: The Sustainable Roofing System

Architects and developers understand the power of design for a building and it’s surroundings.  Certain designs elicit certain responses. Warm colors make you feel cozy. Lots of glass and metal suggest seriousness. Thatched roofing sends a message, too: time to relax and unwind. Thatched roof construction is especially popular with bungalows and villas.  A favorite is also gazebo […]

Thatched Roofing Material

Advantages of Thatched Roofing Material For Commercial Use

Thatched roofing material sets the tone for relaxation. They are perfect for a resort pool, zoo dining experience or at a beach park.  Thatch roof pavilions will never go out of style.  We’ve listed many of the advantages of using thatch roofing materials in your next commercial project.  Developers know that thatched-roof gazebos and cottages are […]

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“Spring Ahead” this Season with Thatch Designs from amaZulu

Spring is in the air, and what better way to enjoy the pleasant weather this season than underneath the shade of a thatch umbrella at a resort or in your own backyard. Welcome to the world of thatch designs.  Where you want a tropical theme designed by thatch. At amaZulu, Inc., we have a wide […]

We Found It!

In the past few years, we’ve been on a quest to find synthetic thatch that would exceed our expectations in building code compliance with safety, durability, functionality, resilience, value and most of all…authenticity.  We found it!  We are extremely excited and pleased to announce that we will add 3 new sustainable products to our impressive inventory […]

The Look of Thatch

This month we’re showcasing our number one product, thatch.  As one of the oldest building materials in the world, few materials can add the beauty and rustic charm to a resort, zoo, theme park or home.  Natural thatch is a reliable insulation material, most often made of palm or reed materials, and its performance depends […]