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The History of Tiki Huts

  The Interesting History behind Amazing Tiki Huts Many architectural expressions have their roots in history, But tiki culture, while giving a nod to Polynesian design and style, is quintessentially American. The myth of carefree island culture was sparked in the American imagination before the 20th century and featured in books such as The Swiss […]

Thatched Roofing Material

Advantages of Thatched Roofing Material For Commercial Use

Thatched roofing material sets the tone for relaxation. They are perfect for a resort pool, zoo dining experience or at a beach park.  Thatch roof pavilions will never go out of style.  We’ve listed many of the advantages of using thatch roofing materials in your next commercial project.  Developers know that thatched-roof gazebos and cottages are […]