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palapa umbrella comparison

Consider a Palapa Umbrella for Elegant Outdoor Shade

Are you looking for something distinctive to add that special touch to your outdoor space? Whether it’s a resort, a water park, a theme park or a restaurant, a palapa umbrella will add elegance to any outdoor space. It’s an effortlessly chic solution. Exploring The Possibilities of Palapas The word palapa has a tropical vibe, […]

Collapsible Thatch Umbrellas

Advantages of Collapsible Thatch Umbrellas

When you want to create a relaxed, tropical vibe, it’s hard to top the natural beauty and casual flair of a thatch umbrella. However, you can certainly make a good thing even better. At amaZulu Inc., we’ve done just that by adding top-quality collapsible thatch umbrellas to our selection of sustainable tropical theming products. What […]

thatch umbrella capes

Difference Between Natural and Synthetic Thatch Umbrella Capes

What makes a hot, sunny day even better? For many people, the answer involves having a shady spot to enjoy it from. That’s why natural or synthetic thatch umbrella capes are a fantastic addition to any outdoor living space. Unlike a traditional thatch umbrella, which consists of multiple layered panels, a thatch cape is a […]

3 New Architectural Materials Solutions

Creativity and customer focus help drive amaZulu’s innovation with our architectural materials solutions. That means that one of our very best sources of ideas comes from our customers. And it is those ideas that drive much of our innovation. What do we mean by this? Here are 3 examples of new amaZulu, Inc. thatch and […]

Thatch umbrellas

Grab Some Shade Under Our Thatch Umbrellas

Thatch Umbrellas Come In So Many Varieties The sight of a thatch umbrella immediately transports you to a white, sandy beach highlighted by crystal-clear ocean water. Synonymous with island getaways, thatch umbrellas add the perfect amount of tropical flair to any project in need of some shade. Thatch is a great alternative to traditional canvas […]

synthetic thatch umbrellas

The Surprising Perks of Synthetic Thatch Umbrellas

Have you ever been to a tropical resort that didn’t have thatch umbrellas near the pool or overtop outdoor tables? Probably not. That’s because nothing supports a tropical theme like thatch.  These tropical thatch umbrellas are available in natural and synthetic.  However, this article will discuss the benefits of using synthetic thatch umbrellas.   Reasons to use […]

Thatch Tiki Umbrellas

Natural Thatch Tiki Umbrellas: Reed or Tahiti Thatch

When looking for tropical building materials for your hotel or resort, many developers and builders choose natural thatch tiki umbrellas.  Did you know, natural thatch tiki umbrellas are naturally 98% waterproof? This means they can stand up to the elements come sun or rain. Wicker and other natural materials can’t stand the test of time […]

thatch designs

Ideas for Incorporating a Tiki Umbrella into Your Backyard

If you’re looking to transform your backyard into a tropical escape, try one or all of these three ways by using a tiki umbrella cover.  Our thatch tiki umbrellas are perfect for your backyard, and here’s why: 1. TIKI BAR If you enjoy entertaining outdoors, you can easily set up your own tiki bar– complete with […]

outdoor tiki bar

Building an Outdoor Tiki Bar In Your Own Backyard

Are you the neighborhood’s residential mixologist? If you love to entertain and serve your friends’ creative cocktails, take it one step further and build an outdoor tiki bar in your backyard.  Some might call this an outdoor kitchen, but if you do it right, it’s more than a boring outdoor kitchen, it becomes your very […]

canvas umbrellas

Why Use Thatch Umbrellas over Regular Canvas Umbrellas?

It’s undeniable that canvas umbrellas come in so many different colors and sizes, but nothing creates a more tropical environment than using thatch umbrellas. We’ve outlined a few reasons why thatch umbrellas are better than using ordinary canvas umbrellas.  Either natural thatch umbrellas or synthetic thatch umbrellas are equally sought after over canvas umbrellas.  Hopefully, […]