Eucalyptus Poles

Our eucalyptus poles are a perfect option for creating a more exotic look for your outdoor project. Many contractors use eucalyptus timber because it is a sustainable building material and has proven to be a very versatile and durable construction material. It's also a great alternative to many traditional and less sustainable types of wood. Restaurants and resorts love using eucalyptus wood for outdoor dining areas as well as building shade structures for their guests. Zoos love eucalyptus because it's a natural, sustainable product that is safe for their animals. 

Eucalyptus Poles

ALSO CALLED: Eucalyptus Wood | Eucalyptus Timber | Eucalyptus Hardwood

Eucalyptus poles are used more often in tropical decor because it has a rustic feel to it.  Ideal projects for eucalyptus poles are fencing, framing, stairway banisters and trellises.  If you’re looking for a durable and pest-resistant eucalyptus timber, you want eucalyptus poles.  They are extremely versatile and the eucalyptus wood comes in diameters of 1″ to 6″.  Read our specs and FAQ below.  If you have additional questions, please fill out the form.

Eucalyptus Poles Features
  • Because of their strength, eucalyptus poles were originally used for underground mining struts.
  • amaZulu worked with the Environmental Protection Agency to produce the first non-arsenic, non-erosive pressure treatment for eucalyptus poles.
  • Construction-grade with ground burial rating.
Eucalyptus Poles Benefits:
  • You get a rugged and strong pole that is also environmentally friendly.
  • These versatile poles can be used in any part of your project, simplifying your planning.
  • Our arsenic-free treatment avoids corrosion of hardware and reduces cost of ownership.
  • Since they are straight the pole provides a cleaner look than pine poles.
  • Place them directly into the ground and save the cost of concrete.
  • Available in 8’, 10’, 12’ and 18’ lengths, with diameters ranging from 1” to 6” or more upon request.
  • Note that all dimensions are approximate.
  • Inherently fire-retardant eucalyptus poles are available with a three to four month lead time or a Class A Fire Retardant can be sprayed on the eucalyptus poles locally, allowing for a quicker lead time.

Eucalyptus poles are a classified hardwood and can be treated like any other lumber or timber for installation. Because eucalyptus is a natural product, the bottom of the pole may be a wider diameter than the top. Screwing or nailing through the poles is the most common method of installation.

 What is the difference in appearance between eucalyptus poles and pine poles?

Eucalyptus poles are naturally straight, allowing for a more authentic look since pine poles are milled to be straight.

Do you need to use special hardware on your arsenic-free Eucalyptus Poles?

No, standard hardware is suitable.


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