Natural Thatch Capes

The Natural Thatch Capes also called Mexican Rain Capes are a great product to give any Tiki Bar, awning or commercial canvas umbrella that tropical feel.  Out of all the natural thatch materials, these palm thatch rolls are cost-effective and easy to install. Keep in mind, this is a natural product and therefore has a limited lifespan depending on the weather. The Natural Thatch Mexican Capes are not waterproof unless installed on a waterproof membrane.

Natural Thatch Capes

ALSO CALLED: Mexican Palm Thatch Rolls | Thatch Grass | Duck Blind Grass 

The Mexican Plam Thatch has a “shaggy” appearance on the outside and a knotted weave on the inside. It is a sustainable product used for indoor and outdoor applications creating a tropical island or vacation atmosphere. These Mexican Palm Thatch Rolls are often used for Tiki Hut or Tiki Bar Roofs. The Mexican Palm Thatch Umbrella Covers can theme existing commercial canvas umbrellas or the Mexican Palm Thatch Sheets can simply decorate an awning.  If you are using the Mexican Palm Thatch Rolls for an outdoor application you may want to consider our Synthetic version for a much longer lifespan, please see Synthetic Mexican Palm Thatch If you have additional questions, fill out our form and one of our sales reps will contact you as quickly as possible.

Natural Thatch Capes Features

Natural thatch capes are classified as thatched roofing. But they are known to many people as Mexican Rain Cape, bamboo roof, duck blind grass, tiki grass, bamboo thatch, cameo netting for duck hunting, duck boat blind, material for duck hunting kayak, tiki thatch roll, tiki grass. It can be used for backyard gazebos, patio coverings, indoor themed decorating and so much more.

  • Easy DIY Install
  • Lightweight cover to theme commercial canvas umbrellas
  • Instant tropical motif especially for temporary themed functions and corporate events

Natural Thatch Capes Specs

  • Mexican rain cape comes in:
    • 35” x 60’ palm thatch rolls (because this is a handmade item, sizes vary slightly)
    • 35” x 10’ palm thatch rolls
    • 30” x 60’ palm thatch rolls
    • 4’ x 4’ palm thatch sheets
    • 9ft Umbrella Covers
    • 7ft Umbrella Covers
  • Will last one to two years outdoors, indefinitely indoors.
  • Optional fire retardant is available for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Natural Thatch Capes Installation Instructions

If the thatch is installed on a solid sub-roof such as plywood, it is best to raise the thatch off the substrate by using furring strips. Lay 1” x 2” furring strips vertically down the roof first and then install another row horizontally on top of the vertical strips. Lastly, install the thatch onto the horizontal firring strips so that water or any moisture can escape the underside of the thatch. This way the thatch also has airflow under the thatch and is lifted off the substrate. This method will improve the longevity of the product otherwise it will degrade a lot faster.

  • Identify the center of the cape with some string.
  • Fold the cape in half, then quarter, then eighth with the inside of the cape facing upward.
  • Lift cape onto the wooden or metal frame making sure the center of the frame is matched to the center of the cape.
  • Now unfold the Natural Thatch Mexican Capes and flip over the last half so that the cape has the shaggy thatch on the outside and the woven material on the outside.
  • Secure the cape to the umbrella frame using zip ties.
  • Installation Guide for Natural Thatch Mexican Capes

Are the Natural Thatch Mexican Capes waterproof?

No these capes are purely used as a decorative cover. If you’re looking for waterproof alternatives, take a look at our Synthetic Thatch Cape Option.

How long would the natural thatch cape last outdoors?

The Natural Thatch Mexican Capes should last 1-2 years depending on the weather outdoors. If you are looking for a similar product with a longer life span, take a look at our Synthetic Thatch Cape Option.

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