Petung Bamboo

Petung Bamboo is tall, strong and dependable used mainly for construction, making it a sought-after building material. This species of bamboo is both eco-friendly and sustainable Not only is bamboo good for the environment, but it also helps the people live more connected to nature which redefines the quality of life. Petung Bamboo is made by nature, so diameters and colors will differ slightly.


Petung Bamboo

ALSO CALLED: Dendrocalamus Asper | Giant Bamboo | Dragon Bamboo

Petung Bamboo’s 4-year growth cycle and carbon sequestration capacity make it the most environmentally conscientious building material conceivable. Its culms are large in diameter and mostly straight making them ideal for bamboo architecture. Petung bamboo is mainly farmed near the river valleys and it is ideal for support poles, roof beams, decorative accents and more.

Petung Bamboo Benefits:

  • Color varies in shades of tan.
  • Petung bamboo poles have dense walls.

Features of Petung Bamboo:

  • Clean-looking bamboo with little markings as opposed to a more rustic Tre-Gai Bamboo.
  • Nodes spacing is pretty even throughout the length of the bamboo.
  • Petung like all bamboo will crack, but it does not affect the structural strength of the bamboo.
  • Available in these sizes 1 ½” – 2” x 12’, 2-3” x 12’, 3-4” x 12’, 4-5” x 12’ and 5-6” x 18’
  • The Petung Bamboo is treated with Borax

To install Petung Bambo poles, pre-drill a hole before screwing through the bamboo.
Try to screw through the node—the thickest part of the bamboo pole—if you are able.

Does bamboo lose its form after a while?

Bamboo is a flexible and tensile material with the strength equivalent to steel. We account for the flexibility in the engineering process and work to ensure our bamboo maintains its integrity over time.

How can I access large quantities of  Petung Bamboo?

Petung bamboo is plentiful in river valleys throughout Asia, and the clumps regenerate each year. Bamboo is ready for use as a building material at age 3-5 years. amaZulu is fully stocked and ready to help.

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