Polyester Ropes

Nearly as strong as nylon, polyester rope is a long-lasting synthetic rope that complements many outdoor applications. It’s uniquely manufactured so the outside jacket of the rope has an ultra-violet (UV) protectant, which is essential for many water and theme park areas.

Polyester Rope

ALSO CALLED: Decorative Rope | Synthetic Rope

  • UV-protected.
  • Multi-purpose for interior and exterior applications.
  • Will not shrink around chemicals or water.

Comes in various diameters, from ¼” to 2" and is typically sold in 600' coils.  Smaller rope quantities are available and sold by the linear foot.

  • Suited for outdoor tropical themed projects due to its UV resistance.
  • Lashing around fence panels.
  • Poolside netting.
  • Rope bridges.

Will Polyester Rope eventually rot outdoors?

The rope may weather, but it will not rot because it is a synthetic material.

Additional Polyester Rope Information:

The polypropylene replicates the classic manila rope without the drawbacks, and acts as a filler fiber of the polyester rope to make it lighter and cost effective.  Both the outer and inner layer are the same color (beige) where only a skilled eye can tell the difference when the rope is cut.  The versatility and durability of the polyester rope make it an ideal choice for most projects.

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