Thatch Umbrella - Synthetic

Synthetic thatch umbrellas are a beautiful canvas alternative that provides a tropical atmosphere paired with shade and comfort. Guaranteed to last for 15 years, synthetic thatch umbrellas are ideal for many weather conditions. These umbrellas come in two panel style options - A synthetic Reed Thatch or a synthetic Palm Thatch.


Thatch Umbrella – Synthetic

Are you looking for something distinctive to add that special touch to your outdoor space? Whether it’s a resort, a water park, a theme park or a restaurant, a palapa umbrella will add elegance to any outdoor space. It’s an effortlessly chic solution.

Also Called: Palapa Umbrella | Tiki Hut Umbrella | Palapa Tiki Umbrella

  • Available in two styles: Viro Thatch Synthetic Palm and Viro Thatch Synthetic Reed.
  • Thatch produces shade that is approximately 10 degrees cooler than canvas alternatives.
  • Supplied with either a wooden or steel pole and faux bamboo sleeve for standard patio tables.
  • Clipped panels provide protection during heavy winds—panels lift up as wind blows through.
  • Delivered in a kit format, making for an easy installation.

Should I be concerned about wind blowing over my synthetic thatch umbrella?

The panels on the synthetic thatch umbrellas lever on the rebar umbrella frame, allowing for wind to escape through the panels. You never have to take the umbrella down.

I want to install the umbrellas outside, but codes say I cannot dig a hole and cement the umbrella pole. How would I support the umbrella?

We offer an “umbrella boot,” a steel boot that is bolted to the ground. The pole is slid inside the boot, then the boot is disguised with rope.

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