Contractor Services

At amaZulu, we value one thing above all else. It’s you, our customers. We have listened to problem areas and understand your challenges. Below are a series of services we developed to meet your needs.


Do unfamiliar products and installation drawings slow your bid process down? If any of our products, or like products have been specified, give us a call. We can quickly estimate what’s included in your project’s scope. Estimates for materials only or a complete installation are no problem.
Design Assist
Design Assist
Our products are unique. Over the years we have learned their individual attributes and nuances. Put our detailed knowledge to work for your next project. We can collaborate on the correct product selection and explain the capabilities of our world-wide network of artisans to help customize your project.
amaZulu, Inc. can speed up your installation process by fabricating the maximum amount of your scope of work, ahead of time. We deliver assembled components that make your installation efficient and profitable. Bamboo wall panels, fencing sections, shade structure, and more. You name it; we make it easy.

It will come as no surprise that we know our products better than anyone else. So, if you want a clean finish as well as an on-time and on-budget installation for your next project, call us. Get it done right the first time!
We partner with factories and artisans across the globe to bring you the perfect products for every project. We can work with you to generate designs, engineer solutions, develop your colors, and carve your shapes. Our unique customization capabilities give you unlimited opportunities to create a “wow” factor.


Fire Retarding Services
Using natural products in a commercial application needs your Fire Marshal’s approval. amaZulu has certified installers that can apply fire retardant before shipping or on-site after installation. Either solution provides you a Class A Certificate for your inspection. Keep it simple!
Maintenance Checks
Fire is a frightening liability that most commercial properties don’t think about after the initial installation. If your product has an initial treatment but is out in the elements, it will need to be retreated. amaZulu will periodically check your property to make sure you stay code-compliant. We then re-issue your certification. Your property stays safe, and your Fire Marshal stays happy.

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