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Rolled bamboo fence

Innovative Uses for Bamboo Fence Panels

Bamboo fencing materials aren’t just for outdoor fencing anymore.  Bamboo fence panels are versatile and easy to install. Many commercial properties such as restaurants, theme parks, resorts and water parks also use bamboo fencing indoors.  Bamboo fencing has become a popular and eco-friendly alternative to less sustainable products thanks to its high yield.  amaZulu’s bamboo […]

bamboo fence screening

Incorporating Bamboo Fence Screening Into Your Backyard

Do not overlook bamboo screening when you are choosing to fence your backyard.  Bamboo fence screening is an important architectural element that when done right is both practical and beautiful. Bamboo fence screening provides both safety and privacy while enhancing the character of your home when viewed from the street or from inside the yard. If […]

architectural theming materials

Trending architectural theming materials for 2017

We recently attended – and exhibited at – the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) annual trade show. It was interesting to see what is trending for architectural theming materials. This is an important event for us as the amusement park segment is one of the keystones for our business, as well as the […]

3 New Architectural Materials Solutions

Creativity and customer focus help drive amaZulu’s innovation with our architectural materials solutions. That means that one of our very best sources of ideas comes from our customers. And it is those ideas that drive much of our innovation. What do we mean by this? Here are 3 examples of new amaZulu, Inc. thatch and […]

bamboo products

Using Bamboo Products – Bamboo Paneling | Bamboo Screens | Bamboo Poles

Bamboo products are extremely versatile and can be used in many aspects of your construction project.  Bamboo paneling to bamboo screening products and incorporating bamboo poles in your furniture and decorations, bamboo products can transform any commercial project. With temperatures rising as spring and summer seasons rapidly approach, water parks are re-opening at every turn […]

natural bamboo fencing

Natural Bamboo Fencing Products | Paneling | Rustic | Trellis

Natural bamboo fencing products can be used in many different ways such as bamboo fence paneling, rustic bamboo fencing and trellises.  Every year, vacationers from around the nation quickly head to water parks to cool off during the warmer months. And as with any water park re-opening, upgrades, enhancements and new additions arise, making bamboo […]

Natural Bamboo Screen

The Advantages of Using a Natural Bamboo Screen as a Garden Fence

When creating a backyard garden, it is essential to think about the materials you want to use as your garden walls and fences that will best suit your requirements. The materials you choose will have a huge impact on the look and feel of the space. If you already have certain elements like a chain-link […]