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Eucalyptus Fencing

Eucalyptus Fencing to Fit Any Budget

What makes the eucalyptus fencing such a great pick for so many applications? Eucalyptus is a unique building material with aesthetic and practical appeal. Natural shades of tan, green and brown blend together to add character and depth to every eucalyptus timber. Stretches of fence panels crafted from this sustainable, environmentally friendly tropical hardwood are […]

architectural theming materials

Trending architectural theming materials for 2017

We recently attended – and exhibited at – the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) annual trade show. It was interesting to see what is trending for architectural theming materials. This is an important event for us as the amusement park segment is one of the keystones for our business, as well as the […]

eucalyptus materials

Sourcing Eucalyptus Materials for your Zoo’s Fences, Shelters, and Enclosures

Eucalyptus Materials:  A viable construction material that keeps animals and visitors safe and comfortable If you are a zoo and need eucalyptus materials to keep your animals and visitors safe, shady, and dry; we have good news. You can now procure our versatile Eucalyptus Poles by the container load and save big time. There are more […]

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Feature Project: Using Eucalyptus Poles at the Bronx Zoo

Focus on a Pioneering Project: Powerful Eucalyptus Poles Tristan Ishtar recently developed a unique solution for a challenge facing the Bronx Zoo.  The contractor for the Bronx Zoo had never worked with eucalyptus poles.  Ahhh, but we had. The Challenge The Wildlife Conservation Society contacted me regarding a large shade structure for the Bronx Zoo […]

eucalyptus poles

Eucalyptus Timber: A Sustainable and Versatile Building Material

Why Eucalyptus is Sustainable, Versatile, and Beautiful We love eucalyptus timber! Not only is it a beautiful and sustainable alternative to a typical hardwood, but it is also a versatile plant used in many industries worldwide. We enjoy using eucalyptus wood to help you turn your zoo, resort or restaurant into a unique and head-turning […]

Using Alternative Materials for Playgrounds

Why untraditional playground materials make for great playgrounds It is every child’s dream to have their own playground, where they can explore and let their imaginations run wild.  Safety and maintenance, however, may be more at the forefront of mom and dad’s minds.  How can parents provide their children with an exciting play area while […]

eucalyptus wood durability

Eucalyptus Wood Durability: Perfect for Zoo/Animal Projects

Eucalyptus Wood Durability: See Why It’s Valuable for Innovative Zoos Animal housing provides a unique habitat for animals living in a zoo environment for a number of reasons. Whether they are being rehabilitated for release in the wild, studied for scientific purposes, or bred to ensure the ongoing success of their species, animals have very […]

green building materials

Truths and Myths about Green Building Materials

Separating fact from fiction for green building materials Many construction companies are going green and seeking out sustainable, renewable resources to use in their commercial projects. That’s because their clients have come to understand that that planet is impacted by construction choices. Still, some companies think that using green building materials are too expensive, and […]

eucalyptus hardwood

A Growing Interest in Eucalyptus Hardwood

Why There Is Suddenly An Enormous Interest in Eucalyptus Hardwood Many people aren’t aware of the far-reaching benefits of eucalyptus hardwood in construction. Recently, eucalyptus has become a popular alternative to more traditional types of wood. These include oak, maple, ash, cherry, and pine. This popularity is due to its natural beauty, affordability, durability, and […]

eucalyptus wood

Product Spotlight: Using Eucalyptus Wood – A Sustainable Hardwood

Shining a Light on Wonderful Eucalyptus Wood When you’re searching for eco-friendly building materials, you don’t have to sacrifice the other qualities you want. Eucalyptus wood, a fast-growing hardwood, is sustainable because new growth only takes a few years to mature. It is desirable because, unlike other timbers, it has very little taper over long […]