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architectural theming materials

Trending architectural theming materials for 2017

We recently attended – and exhibited at – the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) annual trade show. It was interesting to see what is trending for architectural theming materials. This is an important event for us as the amusement park segment is one of the keystones for our business, as well as the […]

3 New Architectural Materials Solutions

Creativity and customer focus help drive amaZulu’s innovation with our architectural materials solutions. That means that one of our very best sources of ideas comes from our customers. And it is those ideas that drive much of our innovation. What do we mean by this? Here are 3 examples of new amaZulu, Inc. thatch and […]

Bamboo as a Building Material

Strong and Sustainable – Using Bamboo as a Building Material

Ancient yet versatile – Bamboo materials are still useful First used in China over 5,000 years ago, there are hundreds of innovative uses of bamboo materials. For millennia, humans used bamboo as a construction material and for practical products like bows, arrows, paper, and bedding. Writing tablets, building materials, and books have been produced from […]

faux bamboo poles

Are Faux Bamboo Poles a Good Option for Outdoor Construction?

Faux Bamboo Poles as an Outdoor Construction Material Faux bamboo poles are an excellent option for architects and builders who want more control over the bamboo building material.  Faux bamboo poles have also been called fake bamboo sticks as well as artificial bamboo.  While we’ve seen these fake bamboo products, they are definitely not the […]

faux bamboo poles

Uses of Artificial Bamboo For Your Residential or Commercial Project

At amaZulu, we love bamboo in all its forms. Bamboo can be used for all kinds of building projects, whether residential or commercial. In both cases. you have the option to incorporate natural or faux bamboo (also known as artificial bamboo). As experts on the subject, we believe in artificial bamboo for its many attributes. […]

Natural Bamboo Poles

Product Spotlight: Natural Bamboo Poles as a Construction Material

Amazing Yet Affordable Natural Bamboo Poles At amaZulu, we supply both synthetic and natural bamboo poles.  We provide a variety of options for both indoor and outdoor applications. Common uses for natural bamboo poles include bar fronts, fences panels, tiki roof supports, wall treatments, and much more. Why are natural bamboo poles beneficial? Natural bamboo […]

Natural Bamboo vs Faux Bamboo

The Truth About Bamboo: Strong Natural vs. Useful Faux Bamboo can be used for all kinds of building projects, whether residential or commercial. In both cases you have the option to incorporate natural or faux bamboo, Depending on your application, you may use both as each has distinct uses and advantages. There are benefits to using both […]

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Faux Bamboo Custom Made to Order

Reliable Faux Bamboo: Custom Made and Guaranteed Often we are asked about our natural products lacking exact dimensions. They are unique by virtue of the way they grow or are fabricated with natural material.  They are natural after all, and only as perfect as Mother Nature allows!  Our solution with Faux Bamboo poles compensates for […]