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Rolled bamboo fence

5 Unique Bamboo Fencing Products for Creating the Perfect Tropical Environment

Why are bamboo fencing products ideal? From plastic to metal, there are plenty of bamboo fencing materials to select from, but few can capture the true essence of the tropics as compared to natural bamboo fencing.  amaZulu, Inc. offers many types of bamboo fencing products as well as eucalyptus fencing.  We’ve outlined the varieties of […]

natural bamboo fencing

Decorative Screens: An Alternative to Chain Link Fencing

Installing a brand new fence can be an arduous task and potentially expensive. Yet, if you live in a suburban area, it’s often necessary.  Larger houses keep getting closer and closer together. Using decorative screens over your fence is a great way to give your home some privacy. But it doesn’t have to be an […]

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Maintenance Tips to Increase The Lifespan of Bamboo Fences

If you’ve chosen bamboo as your fencing material, you already know it can be long-lasting. You’ve done your homework and discovered that with some upkeep and maintenance, bamboo fences can look great for years to come. Wonder exactly what you need to do to keep your bamboo fence in shape? Here, we offer tips so you don’t […]

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The Beauty of Bamboo Wainscoting

We typically think of wainscoting as painted wood trim rising from the floor to a few feet or even halfway up a wall.  Indeed, it’s is defined as “the lower three or four feet (about one meter) of an interior wall when finished differently from the remainder of the wall.” One of the upcoming trends […]

Rolled Bamboo Fencing

Product Spotlight: Rolled Bamboo Fencing

When you’re considering options for backyard fencing, you’re aiming for beauty, privacy, durability and easy installation. amaZulu’s Rolled Bamboo Fence is a beautiful option that can add flair to any type of theme for your backyard. These rolls of bamboo fencing are ideal for a variety of styles.  Whether you have a naturalistic garden with native […]

Rolled bamboo fence

Innovative Uses for Bamboo Fence Panels

Bamboo fencing materials aren’t just for outdoor fencing anymore.  Bamboo fence panels can also be used indoors.  They have become a very popular and eco-friendly alternative to less sustainable products thanks to its high yield.  AmaZulu’s bamboo fence panels can be used any way your imagination sees fit. Here are some fresh ways to incorporate bamboo […]