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Rolled bamboo fence

5 Unique Bamboo Fencing Products for Creating the Perfect Tropical Environment

Why are bamboo fencing products ideal? From plastic to metal, there are plenty of bamboo fencing materials to select from, but few can capture the true essence of the tropics as compared to natural bamboo fencing.  amaZulu, Inc. offers many types of bamboo fencing products as well as eucalyptus fencing.  We’ve outlined the varieties of […]

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Maintenance Tips to Increase The Lifespan of Bamboo Fences

If you’ve chosen bamboo as your fencing material, you already know it can be long-lasting. You’ve done your homework and discovered that with some upkeep and maintenance, bamboo fences can look great for years to come. Wonder exactly what you need to do to keep your bamboo fence in shape? Here, we offer tips so you don’t […]