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DIY Bamboo Projects

Getting Creative: Unique Projects Using Bamboo Poles

Great ideas for DIY bamboo projects If you are a D.I.Y. enthusiast, you can incorporate solid bamboo poles into weekend projects that will easily perk up your decor, even if you’re on a budget. Below you will find great ideas for creative ways to use top-quality bamboo poles: Cover Up Those 4×4 beams supporting your […]

Solid bamboo poles

The Origins of Bamboo

  A Beautiful and Historic Resource – The Origins of Amazing Bamboo First used in China over 5,000 years ago, there are hundreds of innovative uses of bamboo.  For thousands of years, it was used for practical products like bows, arrows, paper, and bedding.  Writing tablets, building materials, and books have been produced from bamboo as […]

bamboo garden poles

4 Innovative Uses for Bamboo Garden Poles

Gardeners fall into a few groups: those who get their inspiration through traveling to see the great gardens of the world; gardeners who peruse Facebook or Pinterest for garden ideas posted by their friends; and gardeners who learned gardening traditions passed down from their families. Whichever category you belong to, you’ve likely seen bamboo garden […]

Using Bamboo In Your Kitchen

When you are considering remodeling your kitchen, look at the latest design trends. Eco-friendly materials are the focus of most designers today because a sustainable design is the only way we can preserve the environment for generations to come. It used to be that by choosing eco-friendly materials you might have to give up on […]

Natural Bamboo Poles

Product Spotlight: Natural Bamboo Poles as a Construction Material

Amazing Yet Affordable Natural Bamboo Poles At amaZulu, we supply both synthetic and natural bamboo poles.  We provide a variety of options for both indoor and outdoor applications. Common uses for natural bamboo poles include bar fronts, fences panels, tiki roof supports, wall treatments, and much more. Why are natural bamboo poles beneficial? Natural bamboo […]

What Climate Will My Natural Bamboo Survive?

What Climate Will My Natural Bamboo Survive? Our lives are so busy that we have little time for D.I.Y. projects. And you might think hiring a contractor is easier and takes less time, but finding the right company and overseeing their work is also demanding. That’s why when we do commit to home improvements, we […]

building with bamboo

Construction Grade Bamboo

Products Spotlight: Practical and Sturdy Construction Grade Bamboo As we ring in the New Year, we wanted to take a moment to send our best wishes for much joy and success.  We raise our glasses to a future of prosperity, a world at peace, and a stronger economy! Speaking of strong, this month we are […]