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synthetic thatch umbrellas

The Surprising Perks of Synthetic Thatch Umbrellas

Have you ever been to a tropical resort that didn’t have thatch umbrellas near the pool or overtop outdoor tables? Probably not. That’s because nothing supports a tropical theme like thatch.  These tropical thatch umbrellas are available in natural and synthetic.  However, this article will discuss the benefits of using synthetic thatch umbrellas.   Reasons to use […]

canvas umbrellas

Why Use Thatch Umbrellas over Regular Canvas Umbrellas?

It’s undeniable that canvas umbrellas come in so many different colors and sizes, but nothing creates a more tropical environment than using thatch umbrellas. We’ve outlined a few reasons why thatch umbrellas are better than using ordinary canvas umbrellas.  Either natural thatch umbrellas or synthetic thatch umbrellas are equally sought after over canvas umbrellas.  Hopefully, […]

Featured Customer: LaPalapa Too

“We wanted to update our outdoor seating area to provide our customers with a relaxing and inviting space for them to enjoy”, said Chris Eades, co-owner of La Palapa Too Mexican Grill & Cantina. “amaZulu’s umbrellas were a beautiful addition to our patio. They provided an authentic Mexican feel and look and I was very […]