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Synthetic Thatch or Natural Thatch

Synthetic Thatch or Natural Thatch?

It was 4 years ago that we first posted a blog comparing natural thatch to synthetic thatch.  Durability, construction rating, and your budget are factors requiring serious consideration when choosing to install Synthetic Thatch or Natural Thatch. And 4 years ago, seeing the difference between synthetic thatch or natural thatch was easy. Great strides and progress […]

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Natural thatch: It’s the natural choice

Are you considering natural thatch for your new resort, a zoo, a tropical hideaway, or even a tiki hut?  Here are our favorite natural thatch products that we offer.  You’ll see that natural thatch is a versatile, elegant solution. 3 basic kinds of natural thatch that we offer. 1. Mexican Palm Thatch Mexican Palm Thatch […]

Palapa Thatch

How It’s Made: Palapa Thatch Umbrellas

Ever wonder what those tropical umbrellas are called? They are palapa thatch umbrellas, a style of thatch that originates from the Philippines that made its way to Central America in the 16th century. amaZulu, Inc. offers authentic-looking synthetic palapa thatch umbrellas that can add the perfect finish to your restaurant, tiki huts or beach resort. […]

FAQs About Thatch

5 Popular FAQs About Thatch: Understanding the Differences

Even though thatch is a beautiful and unique material for both residential and commercial roofs, sometimes it gets a bit of a bad rap. Well, at amaZulu, we love thatch and don’t want to see its name squandered all over the internet, so we decided to clear up some of those harsh myths floating around […]

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Benefits of Building with Thatched Roofs

Thatched roofs have been used for centuries in locations around the world.  Though not common in the United States, many buildings and homes in England and France still have thatched roofing! Beyond a pleasing aesthetic design, thatched roofs have a number of benefits. And they are not just reserved for old-world cottages. The Benefits of […]

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Gazebo Thatch Roofing Is Becoming The Go-To Roofing Choice For Gazebos

Why Gazebo Thatch Roofing Is The Cool New Trend For Backyards When choosing tropical roofing products for your backyard gazebo, you should consider style as well as function. Gazebo thatch roofing provides a unique and exotic feel to gazebos and other shade structures. But, it also ensures that your outdoor area will remain much cooler […]

Thatched Roof Pavilions

Outdoor Living: Thatched Roof Pavilions

Several places where thatched-roof pavilions are readily incorporated are hotels, resorts, outdoor yoga pavilions, parks, and residential backyards. Skim through the pages of any home decorating or gardening magazine and you’re bound to find at least one thatched-roof pavilion in the mix. Why? Because each of these locations is designed for both recreation and relaxation and […]

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FAQs About Thatched Roof Materials

Interesting FAQs about Natural and Synthetic Thatched Roof Materials This article will provide you with answers to the top questions about thatched roof materials when talking with a client about adding natural or synthetic thatched roof materials to their home or business. What is palm thatch? Palm Thatch is created from tightly woven and intertwined […]

How Long Does a Thatch Roof Last

How Long Does a Thatch Roof Last?

A thatch roof has the distinct advantage of being both an insulated roof and a beautiful, athletically-pleasing ceiling. amaZulu, Inc. carries several kinds of thatched roof materials that are both decorative and utilitarian. Some of our thatch roofing panels can be used on top of existing roofs to achieve a certain look, and some are for […]

Thatched Roof Construction

Thatched Roof Construction: The Sustainable Roofing System

Architects and developers understand the power of design for a building and it’s surroundings.  Certain designs elicit certain responses. Warm colors make you feel cozy. Lots of glass and metal suggest seriousness. Thatched roofing sends a message, too: time to relax and unwind. Thatched roof construction is especially popular with bungalows and villas.  A favorite is also gazebo […]