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Getting Creative: Unique Projects Using Bamboo Poles

Posted on: October 11th, 2013

Great ideas for DIY bamboo projects

If you are a D.I.Y. enthusiast, you can incorporate solid bamboo poles into weekend projects that will easily perk up your decor, even if you’re on a budget. Below you will find great ideas for creative ways to use top-quality bamboo poles:

Cover Up

Those 4×4 beams supporting your deck or patio aren’t much to look at. But you don’t have to replace them to have a complete transformation. Instead, fasten faux bamboo poles around the posts to enhance to look of your deck. You can also use this technique over aluminum posts that support your awning.

Made For Shade

Bamboo poles are a versatile material that can be used as patio roofing. If you’re looking for a new home improvement project consider this option. You can build a support structure using bamboo or eucalyptus wood, and for the roofing, tightly pack bamboo poles side by side (or a few inches apart for a little-dappled sunlight) and enjoy the afternoon under your bamboo pole patio.

Hold On

Bamboo is extremely durable and makes a beautiful, unique staircase railing. Your guests will look twice when they grab the rail to walk up or down the stairs. Bamboo poles are also strong enough to use as a second-floor interior balcony rail. Many two-story homes with open plans have a two-story space in the center of the home, and often a metal or wood rail with slats is installed to prevent an accidental fall. Replace the rail and slats with bamboo poles for a stylish update.

Get in the Garden

If you need support for your garden plants like tomatoes, cucumbers, nasturtiums or squash, you don’t have to rely on store-bought steel or plastic structures. Bamboo poles will provide a natural and beautiful supportive framework, and look so much better in your garden. Climbing vines like bougainvillea, jasmine and Morning Glories that require trellis support will also benefit from the height and durability of bamboo poles.

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