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Benefits of Building with Thatched Roofs

Posted on: December 10th, 2013

Thatched roofs have been used for centuries in locations around the world.  Though not common in the United States, many buildings and homes in England and France still have thatched roofing!

Beyond a pleasing aesthetic design, thatched roofs have a number of benefits. And they are not just reserved for old-world cottages.

The Benefits of Thatched Roofs

You may be surprised to learn that thatched roof material offers many advantages for modern construction.  Today’s building practices have provided us with synthetic material for thatched roofs.

  • Synthetic thatch roofing has many names.  Artificial thatch, faux thatch and fake thatch.  However, don’t let the name fool you.  Synthetic thatch is very low-maintenance and resists mold, bugs, and other parasites.
  • Additionally, synthetic thatch is environmentally friendly and does not contain any materials that are harmful to the planet. It is also recyclable.
  • Natural thatch roofs are temperature regulators by nature, as they allow hot air to escape between the leaves.  These qualities and much more make thatched roofing a unique solution for your next construction project.
  • When you buy natural thatch roof covering, please know that you are using a building product that is both sustainable and eco-friendly -If you are committed to a green lifestyle, thatched roofing is an excellent eco-friendly material choice.  Since it consists of dried vegetation, it is considered a renewable resource.  However, not all thatch suppliers are the same.  See for yourself.  Buying Thatching Supplies from a Reputable Roof Thatch Supplier

Go Green

From something as small as an outdoor tiki bar to something as large as the roof of a commercial building such as a resort or theme park attraction, thatched roofing is a beautiful, functional, and eco-friendly choice. If your company is serious about using green building materials, you’ll definitely want to consider thatched roofing.

Benefits of Synthetic Thatch

  • Long lifecycle reduces the per year cost of your projects.
  • Recyclability helps the environment and can contribute to LEED points.
  • Can be treated with Fire Retardant to increase safety.
  • Sun-resistance keeps your facility looking new.
  • A product you can trust.

Are you ready to use Thatch?

If you’re interested in using Thatch roofing products, we would love to help you! amaZulu, Inc. offers high-quality thatch products for all of your eco-friendly and exotic projects.

Contact us today for more information or give us a call, toll-free at 877-243-5309.

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