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Incorporate Natural Building Materials Into Your Zoo Construction

Posted on: May 8th, 2014

Creating a natural environment during zoo construction and renovations

Whether you are embarking on a new zoo construction project or renovating an existing zoo, no zoo is complete without some top-notch shade structures for both the animals and your visitors.  The use of natural building materials in your zoo construction or renovation will ensure a truly exotic theme.

Not only is it important to have these natural shade structures, but you also must make sure that the materials you use are not harmful to your animals and that they can stand up to the normal wear and tear or inquisitive visitors and sometimes fierce and playful animals! Check out some of our favorite natural materials to use in zoo construction projects

Eucy FenceEucalyptus Poles

Need a shade structure for your giraffes to hang out underneath? Eucalyptus poles work great as a support for our thatch umbrellas, and they build great trellises too! Our eucalyptus poles are exclusively pressure treated and originally used to build mining struts; that means they are STRONG. They are also EPA-approved and arsenic-free, so no harm can be done to your animals! Along with trellises and shade structures, you can also use eucalyptus for decorative purposes, rustic fencing, or anything else you can think of! They are naturally straight, so you don’t have that manufactured look of other common building woods, such as pine. With the option to be fire retarded, eucalyptus poles are a must have for any zoo construction project looking to incorporate an exotic and rustic theme into their environment.

Giraffes in Thatch Shade


Your eucalyptus support pole is not complete without a great thatch umbrella to rest on top. Thatch provides wonderful shade structures for animals and visitors because warm air is able to seep through the leaves, providing a much cooler shade than a more traditional canvas. Thatch umbrellas and roofs can be used to create shaded tiki huts within exhibits, or even just for guests to sit down and rest or grab a bite to eat. For zoos, in particular, we recommend synthetic thatch because it looks identical to natural thatch but requires zero maintenance and upkeep. This means that your thatch structures will stay looking great during all the normal wear and tear of your business day.

Peeled Reed Screen

Decorative Screens

We love using decorative screens in zoos and theme parks because they provide a unique and exotic alternative to unattractive chain link fences. Your visitors are coming for an experience — they shouldn’t see metal fences lining your animal cages! Using a decorative screen such as peeled reed or rolled bamboo fence adds a rustic look to a necessary structure. And what about those times parts of your park are under construction? Put up a chain link fence with some decorative screening around it! It’ll hide the eyesore while blending right into your natural environment!

At amaZulu, all of our products are natural, sustainable, and 100% resource responsible. We believe in the importance of leaving the world a little better than how we found it — that’s why all of our materials are hand selected from the best manufacturers and sources around the world. Looking to add some life back into your zoo? Give us a call at (877) 243-5309. We’d love to help turn your WILDEST visions into reality!


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