Rolled Eucalyptus Fence Panels

Top 7 Uses for Rolled Eucalyptus Fence Panels

Posted on: August 27th, 2018

Zoos, attractions, resorts and homeowners are falling in love with our rolled eucalyptus fence panels – and well they should! Eucalyptus instantly themes a space, creates a mood and lasts for generations.

If you’re looking for a more economical alternative for rustic eucalyptus fencing, might we suggest rolled eucalyptus fence panels?  The cost savings can be up to 40%. 

One of the questions we get often is “Other than fencing, what else can we do with rolled eucalyptus fence panels?” This durable, environmentally friendly material is perfect for a wide variety of applications both indoors and outside. Here are seven resourceful ways to put them to good use.

Form Flexible Fencing 
Rolled eucalyptus fencing offers more flexibility than many common fencing materials. You can use rolled eucalyptus fence panels to form straight lines or flow organically along any path you set, curving gracefully with appealing natural beauty? 

Beautify Existing Fencing 
Chain link fencing is a practical choice, but it’s not an attractive one. Rolled eucalyptus panels are a simple, affordable way to cover a chain link fence. Quick and easy to install, eucalyptus fence is a long-lasting hardwood and a fantastic way to improve the aesthetic appeal of a space. 

Eucalyptus FencingProvide Privacy and Shade 
Would you like a private retreat? Are you interested in adding privacy to an outdoor shower or changing area near the pool? Resorts and Water Park are using eucalyptus panels to provide additional privacy in these areas. Do you need a place to escape from the sun? When installed at an angle, these fencing panels can create a shady retreat. They can also shield delicate plantings that cannot stand the constant battering of direct sunlight. 

Screen Unsightly Necessities 
Items like trash cans, recycling bins, air conditioning units, pool pumps and lawn equipment are necessary. However, they aren’t particularly attractive. Constructing a privacy container or screen of eucalyptus poles and rolled eucalyptus fence panels are a cost-effective way to keep these necessities at hand without letting their presence ruin your view. 

Control the Flow 
Do you need to control the movement of people through a particular space? Are you eager to direct attention to a specific feature? Do you need to gently guide people away from an area that’s off limits? When crowd control is a must, fencing panels of rolled eucalyptus are an attractive option. Easily cut to size to meet the needs of virtually any layout, this material is a natural choice. 

Upgrade Walls and Ceilings 
When looking to bring the feel of the outdoors inside, merely use rolled eucalyptus fence panels to do the job.  We’ve helped restaurants, resorts and theme parks use eucalyptus panels as wainscoting, or an entire wall to create a focal point. To aim higher, add texture and interest to your ceiling by using the material as a ceiling treatment. 

Give Furniture the Finishing Touch 
Looking to add a tropical feel inside?  Why not add visual interest to your space by upgrading your furnishings? Transform a bed with a headboard or canopy of eucalyptus fencing. Use this versatile material to trim bars or countertops. Mount the paneling on a simple frame to create a freestanding room divider. The possibilities are endless. 

Product Details:

Rolled eucalyptus fence panels are nothing short of magical! How do we define “magical”? Well…

  • Looks great
  • Easy to install
  • Versatile
  • AFFORDABLE (surprisingly so)

See Product Specs and Installation Instructions: https://www.amazuluinc.com/products/rolled-eucalyptus-fencing-panels/

They come in 4’ X 8’ and 6’ X 8’ rolls. The eucalyptus can be installed free form to conform to any shape of angle (as shown in the picture above), or you can sandwich it in a frame to make more traditional panels or gates! This is a popular option among zoos.  Building a gate from rustic eucalyptus can be expensive.  We’ve been able to help more zoos build an equally amazing gate at a fraction of the cost. 

Depending on how you use it, eucalyptus can look exotic and tribal, or clean and contemporary. It’s an amazing material that’s now available in a cool, new format.

For more than 15 years, amaZulu Inc. amaZulu has been one of the top global theme park material suppliers. Sustainable, safe, sturdy, versatile and ready for use, our products are an ideal choice for residential properties, hotels, resorts, theme parks, zoos, and restaurants.

To learn more about incorporating rolled eucalyptus fence panels and other rapidly renewable construction products in your next project, contact us today at 877-243-5309.  One of our design consultants will be happy to discuss these and many more ideas to help you create the perfect space.

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