Top 5 Uses for Eucalyptus Wood

Top 5 Uses for Eucalyptus Wood

Posted on: May 7th, 2019

What is Eucalyptus Wood?

With natural forests disappearing at a rate of some 36 million acres each year, exploring sustainable construction products is smart. Eucalyptus Wood is also known as Eucalyptus Hardwood is harvested from a family of fast-growing tropical shrubs and trees. It’s gorgeous, environmentally friendly, easy to work with and incredibly practical. It’s also less expensive than traditional hardwoods like mahogany, hickory, and cherry woods. You’re sure to discover numerous uses for eucalyptus wood once you see the many benefits. Here are a few ideas on the uses of eucalyptus wood to get you started.  

Uses for Eucalyptus Wood

Eucalyptus Wood Uses

1. Eucalyptus Fencing
On a trip to a zoo or park, did you find your eyes drawn to an appealingly rustic fence crafted from smooth, characteristic poles in shades of tan, green and brown? It was likely made from eucalyptus poles. Durable, sturdy and easy to install, eucalyptus fencing is available in pre-fabricated panels and rolls. The variety of sizes and styles of eucalyptus poles makes finding the perfect fence for your application simple.

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2. Shade Structures
Many commercial properties create a shady spot for guests to retreat. Constructing shade structures is one of the top eucalyptus wood uses. Eucalyptus poles come in diameters ranging from 1 inch to 10 inches, so they can serve as support posts and rafters. Eucalyptus trellis can make a visually delightful roof for a pergola or an outdoor dining area. Alternately, poles can be used for the roof to deliver the desired spacing and look. 

3. Paneling
If you want to create a relaxed atmosphere without being boring, paneling made from eucalyptus timber is a great option. Eucalyptus sands to a semi-polished surface and takes stain evenly, so it can fit in with a wide range of design schemes. It also withstands denting and tension without chipping or splitting. That means that it’s ideal for high-traffic areas in commercial or public spaces where bumps and bangs are common. 

4. Millwork
Much like accessories can elevate an outfit, millwork offers a finishing touch that can take a space to the next level. In addition to its strength and aesthetic appeal, eucalyptus has excellent machining and turning properties. It’s a great choice for moldings, handrails and the banisters that line staircases or ramps.

5. Support Beams
Eucalyptus is durable, strong and sustainable. It is classified as a hardwood and can be used as structural support beams for buildings and many other outdoor structures. Eucalyptus timber is a long-lasting choice for an outdoor structure; especially, if you want to protect the environment.

All of the eucalyptus products amaZulu offers are arsenic-free and pressure-treated which avoids corrosion of hardware and reduces the cost of ownership. They can be pre-fire retarded and impregnated at the time of pressure treatment to make a safer product. The treatment will not wash off.

Additional Eucalyptus Wood Uses:

At amaZulu Inc., we love finding solutions. If you’re eager to explore potential uses for eucalyptus wood in your next construction project, reach out to us. We understand every project is unique.  Let us help you customize a solution that will be environmentally friendly and durable for years to come.  Contact amaZulu Inc. today at 877 243-5309

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