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1 Hotel South Beach Miami


1 Hotel South Beach Miami


  • Custom  Willow Panels


1 Hotel wants guests to experience nature in everything they see, touch, smell, and taste while visiting. Authentic materials and textures are a must for the proper ambiance. The designer provided a rendering of how they wanted the outdoor area to look. At that point the “cover” was undefined, but wanting a natural material theme, they asked for suggestions. They needed:

  • the final product to meet Miami-Dade County's wind and fire codes
  • amaZulu to work with the engineers as safety was the critical issue
  • a standout focal point for the outside entertainment area
  • a natural product but one with a long lifespan.



We needed to work closely with the Architect, Engineer, and Ownership to customize a natural focal point. Weight was a factor as the frame was pre-engineered. This requirement necessitated a custom product.

amaZulu focused on creating something with a lot of texture, a natural product that was not solid to cause wind uplift but hardy enough to survive the elements.


The owner was delighted with the final product. Our Willow Panels was hand-made with customized sizes to drop easily into the metal frame. Installation was easy and provided significant savings. Fire retardant was applied on-site to ensure compliance with fire codes.

The color and texture of the Willow Panels added a beautiful contrast to the hotel's straight contemporary lines. Customers continue to enjoy a natural environment that not only looks great but provides cool relief from the Miami sun.

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