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Eucalyptus Trells - 1 Hotel South Beach Miami


1 Hotel South Beach Miami



1 Hotel at South Beach Miami wanted to replace an existing woven willow panel that was being used as a patio covering for the outdoor dining area. The woven willow was no match for the South Beach heat and humidity because it started to decay only after a few years. They need a natural material that could stand up to the harsh Florida elements yet allow light to shine through.  They wanted:

  • authentic materials and textures are a must for the proper ambiance.
  • the final product to meet Miami-Dade County's wind and fire codes
  • amaZulu to work with the engineers as safety was the critical issue
  • a standout focal point for the outside entertainment area
  • a natural product but one with a long lifespan.



We needed to work closely with the Architect, Engineer, and Ownership to customize a natural focal point. A major factor in this project was to fit the existing footprint of the steel frame that was custom engineered for the previous patio covering. 

amaZulu fabricated eucalyptus trellis to be used as a patio covering in the outdoor dining area. The new trellis now has an expected life of 25 years and requires little to no maintenance.

Installation was a breeze. We matched the sizes of the willow panels to the existing steel frame and the maintenance department installed the new panels.


1 Hotel South Beach Miami Management and customers love the new eucalyptus trellis. The organic feel is maintained without the shortcomings of the woven willow panels!  Customers continue to enjoy a natural environment that not only looks great but provides cool relief from the Miami sun.

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