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Bamboo Wall Coverings – Bamboo Wall Panels

Posted on: August 27th, 2013

Bamboo is quickly gaining popularity as a beautiful and sustainable alternative to natural wood thanks to its durability, attractiveness and versatility. Architects and designers are even implementing bamboo wall paneling.  As a construction material or decorative application, bamboo wall coverings are unmatched in the style department, making it even more attractive to interior designers and D.I.Y. enthusiasts.  Bamboo wall panels and woven bamboo wall coverings can be used to cover a full wall or you only cover half the wall.  If you decide to cover only half the wall, it is known as bamboo wainscoting.  Either way, we are sure the new bamboo walls will be amazing.

Brooklyn-based Feng Shui design expert Laura Benko emphasizes colors, textures, and materials in her work. “Elements from nature like fresh flowers, driftwood and geodes create an expansive, lively and fresh energy,” she says; and that includes bamboo. According to Benko, using colors and materials to mimic a natural environment aids relaxation and overall mood. When using bamboo wall panels, it allows you to easily bring the outdoors in and incorporate natural style into any room.

Bamboo wall panels are wildly popular with tropical theme hotels, resorts and restaurants.  It’s amazing how just a few tropical products such as woven bamboo or another type of decorative bamboo can completely transform a room into a tropical paradise. 

There was a time when available wall coverings mainly included paper, but that’s not the case anymore. You can now decorate walls using a variety of our 7 types of decorative bamboo boards which are only 2mm thick and come in 4’ x 8’ sheets. Installation of bamboo wall panels is simple: first, apply a coating of glue to the backside of the bamboo wall coverings or just nail or staple them directly to a wall or ceiling. Trim your decorative board edges with bamboo slats or half-round pieces of bamboo as a finishing touch.

Once your bamboo wall coverings are installed, you’ve set the stage for a whole new tropical ambiance. The bamboo wall covering becomes the baseline for what you’ll do next: your choice of linens and other textiles, throw pillows and decor. Even on a strict budget, you can redecorate effectively without replacing furniture; but instead, just by applying textured bamboo matting to the walls and then adding a few island touches.

amaZulu, Inc. has hand-selected manufacturers who produce the eco-friendly, high-quality materials.  We present a dynamic list of options when considering the environment. amaZulu, Inc. is the preferred source for architectural theming materials, including thatch panels, bamboo and eucalyptus poles, decorative wall and ceiling coverings, natural screens and woven boards, rustic fencing, thatch umbrellas and synthetic tile roofing.

amaZulu, Inc. extends its 10 year legacy beyond business to the community where they partner with domestic and international organizations that create economic opportunities to reduce poverty and improve the lives of people who grow and create their products.  Get started with amaZulu Inc. by calling 877-243-5309.

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