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Eucalyptus Timber: A Sustainable and Versatile Building Material

Posted on: February 5th, 2014

Why Eucalyptus is Sustainable, Versatile, and Beautiful

We love eucalyptus timber! Not only is it a beautiful and sustainable alternative to a typical hardwood, but it is also a versatile plant used in many industries worldwide. We enjoy using eucalyptus wood to help you turn your zoo, resort or restaurant into a unique and head-turning masterpiece.  But how else can it be used?

Eucalyptus 101

Eucalyptus gets its name from the Greek word “eukalyptos” meaning “well-enclosed.” This refers to the plant’s flower bud that is enclosed inside of a capsule that opens when they bloom.

Eucalyptus is native to Australia and has over 700 species, some of which can live up to 1,000 years! It’s a fast-growing source of timber, achieving 6-12 feet of new growth each year.

You may be familiar with eucalyptus oil that has been used to treat infections or as a natural insecticide throughout history. The oil is also used in perfumes and deodorizers, as well as some foods (in small amounts).

It’s also a popular food choice for Koalas! Everyone loves koalas!

Eucalyptus trees are notoriously thirsty and you typically find them in or near swamps to drain water and detract mosquitoes that could be carrying the malaria virus. This absorbing ability is good news for your floors and cabinets as the eucalyptus timber building material wood is very absorbent. It can soak up water-based and oil-based stains quickly and evenly!

eucalyptus timber

Rainbow Eucalyptus by Toasty Ken

Fun Facts For Eucalyptus Timber Uses

Native Australian aborigines use eucalyptus oil to treat infections. They even believe that it can prevent cancer! In ancient China, the oil was used as a remedy for tuberculosis and asthma.

Today, ship masts, railways sleepers, and ship keels are built with eucalyptus timber. This is because of durability and strength.

Guess what! Did you know that native Australians have been using hollowed-out eucalyptus wood to create the didgeridoo for over 1,500 years? The wood was hollowed out by termites and then fashioned into a beautiful instrument.

A notable species is referred to as “rainbow eucalyptus.” You can see why just by looking at it! The plant sheds its bark many times per year, showing off the layers of bark underneath the surface. It starts out green, then fades to various shades of red, blue and even purple as time goes on. Unique and beautiful!

Eucalyptus Timber Uses in Architecture and Design

Eucalyptus TrellisWe’re all familiar with the healing and pleasant smelling characteristics of eucalyptus oil. But the eucalyptus timber the tree can also be used for beautiful flooring, cabinetry, and in many other types of design projects.

Eucalyptus is an extremely sustainable material. Some plantations can produce up to 30 times more volume per year than your average carpentry wood bearing trees. The wood is also versatile. You can sand it to a smooth, polished surface, and it reacts well to various stains.

Eucalyptus plants grow straight by nature, so it’s the perfect wood for flooring, wall paneling, and trellises. Its color resembles mahogany, but causes much less splintering and chipping. Don’t forget about eucalyptus fencing.

Eucalyptus StructureAt amaZulu Inc., we worked with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to produce the first non-arsenic, non-erosive pressure treatment for eucalyptus wood. It extends the life and durability of eucalyptus timber as building material that stands up to the elements. Our eucalyptus poles are not only strong and durable but long lasting and tolerant of Florida’s changing climate.

More benefits of Eucalyptus

  • Eucalyptus is classified a hardwood providing structural supports for buildings.
  • It is available in a variety of sizes from 1”- 8” in circumference and 8’ to 18’ in length.
  • It can be pre-fire retarded and impregnated at the time of pressure treatment to make a safer product. The treatment will not wash off.
  • It is sustainable, versatile, beautiful, and perfect for your next project.

Are you ready for Eucalyptus?

If you’re interested in using eucalyptus wood, we would love to help you!

Contact us today for more information on our Eucalyptus products or give us a call, toll-free at 877-243-5309.

You can also visit Pinterest and check out some of our work with eucalyptus poles. Get your imagination stirring!

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