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Decorative Screens: An Alternative to Chain Link Fencing

Posted on: March 18th, 2014

Installing a brand new fence can be an arduous task and potentially expensive. Yet, if you live in a suburban area, it’s often necessary.  Larger houses keep getting closer and closer together. Using decorative screens over your fence is a great way to give your home some privacy. But it doesn’t have to be an eyesore. 

An Elegant Alternative to Ugly Fences

Fortunately, there is an affordable alternative to standard fencing. In sunny, tropical states like Florida, decorative bamboo screens do the job of traditional fencing methods, but at a fraction of the price and installation time.

Types of bamboo decorative screens that are appropriate for fences

Some decorative screens are more suitable for outside applications than others. In particular, peeled reed, rolled bamboo, and Tonkin bamboo are made out of thicker materials. These decorative screens can stand up to the elements and easily attach to an existing fence. 

Peeled Reed and Evergreen Decorative Screens

Peeled Reed screens are made out of — you guessed it — peeled pieces of river reed that are hollowed out in the middle. Evergreen decorative screens are made out of thin bamboo branches, tightly bound together using rust-free galvanized wire.

These decorative screens are durable, yet lightweight, and easy to install. Perhaps the greatest part is the price. As opposed to the upwards of $500 you might spend on installing a traditional fence, you can get up to 15 feet of these screens. You’re getting an exotic and unique product for less!

Evergreen ScreenUses for Peeled Reed and Evergreen Screens:

These decorative screens are perfect for covering up that hideous chain link fence but also work beautifully as a wall or ceiling treatment. Just secure the screen to the wall or ceiling using a staple gun. We mean it, it’s that easy.

But if you want to use peeled reed and evergreen screens as bamboo privacy fence, well, that’s easy to do too. With a chain-link fence, simply secure the galvanized wire of the reed or bamboo to the chain-link of your fence with wire. If you want to secure it to a solid fence, you can do that using a staple gun.

It is easy to install!

Bamboo Fence Rolls

Rolled Bamboo Fence

Similar to the evergreen screens above, a rolled bamboo fencing is made out of bamboo poles that are threaded with anti-rusting galvanized wire.

The bamboo poles used to create this fence are a bit larger than those used in the evergreen screens. They give you a different look. It’s more obvious your fence is made out of bamboo.

Like the peeled reed screens and evergreen decorative screens, the bamboo fencing rolls comes assembled. The majority of the work is already done for you. Just unroll each segment and secure it to your existing fence with some galvanized wire. Or you can construct a frame to install a new fence.

If you choose this option, might we suggest taking a quick look at our solid bamboo poles? Trust us, they’d look smashing.

Not only is this fence a sight for weary eyes, but it’ll also last. It’s no stranger to wear and tear, shifting elements, and curious hands. It’s worth your money and the small amount of effort that goes into installing it.

Alternate uses for Bamboo Fence Rolls

And just because this is called a “bamboo fence rolls,” doesn’t mean that its only application is for fencing.

You can use it much like you could use the evergreen and peeled reed screens. It’s perfect for decorative wall and ceiling trim and coverings or as a unique front for a bar. You can even create artwork with it.

Virtually anything you can think of, you can do with this versatile fence.

Tonkin Bamboo FenceTonkin Bamboo Fence

Tonkin bamboo looks similar to the rolled bamboo above but comes in different colors. You can always color other bamboo, but staining it can get tricky. We took that step out for you with Tonkin bamboo.

It comes in beautiful natural honey color, as well as natural black, and stained mahogany for those of you who desire a dark hardwood feel. Each Tonkin bamboo pole is cured, fire straightened and capped to conceal the ends.

And installation? This fence can be installed the same way as the others. Nothing new here!

Uses for Tonkin Bamboo Fence

Anything you can think to do with the Tonkin bamboo fence, you probably can. Cover up the ugly chain link fence. Give a new look to your faded solid wall fence. Install it as a creative wainscoting or ceiling treatment.

You can even build a doghouse out of it! Whatever you envision, you can create.

Everything is possible

You can do pretty much anything with all of these decorative screens. They work well around sharp corners. This ability lets you create small, decorative “houses” for your waste receptacles, transformers, water heaters, and any other unsightly appliances in your yard.

Get as creative as you want with decorative screens!

Did we mention that all of our products are completely sustainable and resource responsible? That’s just an added benefit to the unique and creative products you can use for your home or business.

Interested? We would love to help. Give us a call at 877-243-5309 or contact us today!

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