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Grab Some Shade Under Our Thatch Umbrellas

Posted on: June 8th, 2015

Thatch Umbrellas Come In So Many Varieties

The sight of a thatch umbrella immediately transports you to a white, sandy beach highlighted by crystal-clear ocean water. Synonymous with island getaways, thatch umbrellas add the perfect amount of tropical flair to any project in need of some shade.

Thatch is a great alternative to traditional canvas umbrellas. Used for both shade and protection from harmful UV rays and rainy weather conditions, thatched umbrellas allow warm air to escape through the umbrella producing shade that is approximately 10 degrees cooler than canvas alternatives. And if installed correctly, thatch umbrellas are 99% waterproof. Not to mention how much more tropical a thatch umbrella will make your guests feel.

Natural Thatch

amaZulu, Inc. offers two different styles of natural thatch that you can use to finish your umbrella. Our Tahiti thatch panels are made from palm leaves, while our reed thatch panels are more reminiscent of African safari thatch structures. Both natural thatch products provide the same amount of shade and waterproof qualities.

Our natural thatched umbrellas will last five to seven years depending on the weather conditions in your region.  Read more about our natural thatch umbrella specs and installation instructions.

Synthetic Thatch

If you are looking for a longer lifespan for your thatch umbrella, we also have synthetic thatch umbrellas.  Consider using Viro thatch reed panels or Viro thatch palm panels designed to mimic the look of natural thatch.  Depending on the climate these synthetic thatch palm panels are used in, they have the potential to last a lifetime but also come with a 15-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.  Synthetic thatch palm has come a long way since it’s inception a few years ago.  These days, it’s hard to tell the difference between synthetic thatch and natural thatch. 

Installing a thatch umbrella is a breeze. You may use either a natural eucalyptus pole or a solid bamboo pole. We also offer a faux bamboo sleeve for structures that require a steel pole. After placing your pole in the ground, simply screw the frame together and place on top of the pole. The thatch panels are designed with clips that are easily attached to the frame. These clips also allow the panels to lift up, preventing the umbrella from becoming damaged by heavy wind. For more detailed installation instructions, please refer to our How It’s Made: Palapa Thatch Roofing blog post.

Thatch umbrellas aren’t just for beach resorts. Transform your theme park, restaurant, pool deck or commercial project into a tropical oasis with a thatched umbrella from amaZulu, Inc.

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