Enjoying the Ambiance of Pacific Islands at an Orlando Water Park

Having fun in an Orlando water park may be easy, but creating a stunning, world-class vacation destination that offers the perfect blend of relaxation and excitement takes ingenuity, creativity and a willingness to ensure that every detail is just right. That's why Universal Creative, the team behind Universal’s Volcano Bay, enlisted the services of amaZulu, Inc. as they were constructing this next-level water theme park. .

Enjoying the Ambiance of Pacific Islands at an Orlando Water Park


amaZulu, Inc. is proud to supply the following building materials to Universal Volcano Bay:


This Orlando water park was looking for an authentic tropical ceiling treatment that would complement the structures. However, aesthetic appeal had to be carefully balanced against practical concerns. While Volcano Bay needed the longevity of synthetic materials, they were very particular that nothing look plastic or fake. They wanted the natural look of real, traditional island ceiling mats in a variety of organic colors for multiple buildings.

The second challenge was working out the best method to install the mats on the odd shaped ceiling.  If the mats were installed incorrectly, the ceiling would have looked like a patchwork quilt instead of a cohesive ceiling that is visually appealing.


To achieve the desired effect, amaZulu, Inc. meticulously pieced together woven bamboo mats and trim pieces crafted from custom-made synthetic bamboo slat and faux bamboo. All the synthetic woven mats were woven by hand, a process that forms an attractive, and delightfully distinctive,


The team at amaZulu, Inc. loves a challenge. With meticulous preplanning and careful installation by the company’s installation team and general contractor Mader Southeast, the ceiling treatments were assembled so that the pattern created by the weaving ran in the same direction, flowing across the space and creating soaring ceilings with plenty of visual appeal.

See the full story and see images of the finished project: Enjoying the Relaxing Pacific Islands at an Orlando Water Park

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