Make My Backyard Disney

JayTV approached amaZulu, Inc. to build and enhance their ideas for creating an "African Village." They wanted an environment where children could play and be entertained in their Disney backyard. The family they chose to build the village for was inspired by Disney’s Animal Kingdom. So, their wish was our command.

Make My Backyard Disney



We had to build a miniature version of three African huts on stilts. They had to connect to each other and be available in a kit form. Our team then had to break it all down and reassemble it in a pre-selected backyard that we had never viewed. The installation had to happen in a day so that the camera crew could film the surprise for the family!


The structures were designed with detailed precision to ensure easy disassembly and reassembly. They had to go together perfectly and quickly. The materials chosen had longevity and durability while still being authentic to Africa. Eucalyptus poles were used for the support poles buried in the ground while bamboo poles were used for the railings. We decided to thatch with a synthetic material as opposed to natural thatch to give the family maintenance free structures. Because this was an entertainment center for five active children, we included swings, slides, a rope swing bridge, ramps, stairs, and a firefighter’s pole!


To date this is the most rewarding project amaZulu has ever been a part of. The JayTV crew were so helpful and easy to work with. Together as a large team we delivered a heartwarming result. The family's faces said it all. They now have a little piece of "Magic Africa" in their backyard for endless hours of entertainment.

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