Sunshine Caribbean Restaurant

Sunshine Caribbean Restaurant



The Sunshine Caribbean Restaurant in Winter Garden FL had a deck behind the restaurant that they used for outdoor dining and music but it wasn’t themed (just concrete and wood furniture). They wanted a themed tiki bar to make the space a destination for music and celebration as opposed to just a plain space to eat outdoors.


Since the bar was outdoors, we needed to consider Florida's weather and elements while choosing materials. Luckily, amaZulu has a wide range of synthetic materials that can be used their natural counterparts to create a tropical look and feel for outdoor environments. Materials used for this project are: Viro synthetic palm thatch, natural bamboos such as Guadua and solid bamboo poles, synthetic rope, eucalyptus and woven bamboo board.


amaZulu’s has enjoyed a working relationship with Jeff Larmee from Tiki King Builders for many years. We are also thrilled to work with Jeff on all projects. His skill and creativity, combined with our beautiful tropical themed building materails, resulted in a dynamic space that has become a popular hangout for locals and their friends.

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