The Thai Restaurant 

This client wanted to transform their Washington State Thai Restaurant into a destination restaurant that touched all the senses of their guests. It was important to create this tropical ambiance with natural materials that were native to Thailand. Even though the restaurant is located in Spokane, they were passionate about bringing Thailand into their restaurant.

Bamboo Thai Restaurant



The restaurant was quite large and had many different seating areas and zones. The owner wanted to create a unique atmosphere in each zone while tying them all together in a cohesive design. The goal was to transport their guests from Spokane to Thailand as soon as they walked into the restaurant.


The contractor provided several pictures of the existing restaurant with all the different zones. Upon inspection, it became very clear to use mostly natural materials with a few synthetic counterparts to achieve the overall goals.  The client was looking for authenticity as well as ambiance. Our goal was to provide both.


The owner was elated with the final results. In fact, he shared with us this was the best-looking restaurant of his four restaurants. 

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